Collaborative Alchemy: Amelia Douglas Gallery


Works by Edward Peck, Phyllis Schwartz, and Pierre Leichner Opening

Reception: Friday, Nov. 1st, 2019, 4:30 - 7:30 PM Douglas College, 700 Royal Avenue, New Westminster.

Regular Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 10 am - 7:30 pm; Sat. 11 am - 4 pm. Live Music, Refreshments, no-host bar and artist talk, in the Amelia Douglas Gallery on the fourth floor North. For INFO: 604 527 5723 DOUGLASCOLLEGE.CA/ARTSEVENTS

Phyllis Schwartz, Pierre Leichner, and Edward Peck are artists whose practice contemplates the full cycle of natural growth and transitions that are in an ever-changing state. They use plant-based materials to create works of art that speak to issues of permanence and impermanence. They are choreographers and arrangers who have manipulated natural materials into compositions that challenge the viewer to contemplate time, form, and the ephemeral. They are presenting an interactive exhibition of plant-based 2D and 3D visual art that has the capacity to engage viewers to contemplate ephemerality, change, and transition in the ever-changing natural world.

Phyllis Schwartz exhibits plant-based lumen prints, and Edward Peck exhibits two-dimensional high-resolution plant-based abstract compositions.

Pierre Leichner has installed his Root Laboratory. This includes a growing area, documentation space, display and drying areas. This installation strives to create a space of collaborative alchemy and experimentation with plants that will grow into sculptural forms during the course of the exhibition. It is designed to immerse the viewer inside the work and reveal the beauty of the process from emergence to decay.

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Lumen Print Workshop: Leigh Square

Saturday, 28 September, 2019 (10:30 am – 3:30 pm)

The Gathering Place in the Michael Wright Art Gallery

#200-2253 Leigh Square Port Coquitlam, BC

Presented by Phyllis Schwartz. Celebrate Culture Days by participating in a hands-on, family-friendly Lumen Print workshop. Lumen Prints use a camera-less process using photosensitive paper, organic materials, and the sun. Participants will learn to create two unique Lumen Prints, one to keep and one for display. 

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Lumen Workshop: Port Coquitlam's Centre for the Arts

Salon Six: White Rock, 2019

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Collaborative Alchemy: Outlet Gallery

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Mid Main Art

The 9th annual Sunday, June 9, 2019, from 11- 6 p.m.

At the elegant HERITAGE HALL, 3102 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G7. Featuring Work by Phyllis Schwartz and Edward Peck Showcase and sells original art from emerging and established artists in the greater Vancouver area. This wonderful group of established artists will showcase work from abstraction to realism creating stunning art, in a variety of mediums such as watercolours, acrylic, oil, photography, sculpture, and printmaking. The 17 artists featured this year are; Fran Alexander, Mariko Ando, Enda Bardell, Jodie Blaney, Lorn Curry, Caroline Dahlmanns, Jeanette Jarville, James Koll, Sharka Leigh, Sonia Mocnik, Edward Peck, Phyllis Schwartz, Camille Sleeman, Elisabeth Sommerville, Kathy Traeger, Jeff Wilson and Grazyna Wolski. Free admission. For more information go to Register at Eventbrite

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Formulation of Time: Lipont Gallery

April 6th through April 30, 2019

4211 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC

Phyllis Schwartz and Edward Peck use plant-based materials to create works of art that speak to issues of permanence and impermanence that challenge the viewer to contemplate time, form, and the ephemeral.

Phyllis Schwartz uses hybrid camera-less process to create photograms that leaves traces and shadows on photosensitive surfaces. Plant enzymes and atmospheric conditions interact with creating alchemical results on the surface of the paper and sheet film, leaving X-ray like marks of shapes and interiors. These Lumen Prints are primal hovering on the cusp of poetry.

Edward Peck’s series, Arrangements, addresses the transitional processes found in nature and our esthetic manipulation of natural objects through the discarded floral arrangement. The moment we perceive beauty fades, the beauty is not lost what follows has its own striking beauty and relationship to the natural cycles around us. His hybrid photograph processed images work with the symbolism of flower arrangements exploring the beauty that extends beyond their symbolic use. 

Richmond Chamber of Commerce ArticlePreview Article, Fairchild TV Article,Richmond NewsYKLM Interview with Artists

Photography without Cameras Lumen Printing: Lipont Gallery

Phyllis Schwartz

Saturday April 13th, 2019 11am- 3pm Lipont Place, 4211 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC

The workshop is participating in the 2019 Capture Photography Festival and is supported by London Drugs Printing Grant. In this workshop, the lumenprint (photograms made without a camera) image making process will be explained and demonstrated. Phyllis Schwartz explains, “In this hands-on workshop, participants will make photograms of plant materials, and discover how they leave marks and traces on photosensitive paper; the work will look like colourful x-rays.” There will be an opportunity to participate in the entire process beginning with gathering materials, composing two images and developing two prints (8 x 10 inches). The workshop extends the concept of analogue photography as the pencil of nature. Schwartz rediscovered this process while studying the Victorian botanists who sought a method of documenting their fieldwork. Lumen Prints are both photographic and x-ray like, producing both documentation of nature and artistic renderings of botanical specimens.Phyllis Schwartz is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in photography, ceramics and publishing based in Vancouver, Canada. Her work at Emily Carr University consolidated these interests with a concentration in photography. She was the recipient of the Canon Photography Award. As a visual artist, she seeks detail, texture, and poetic elements. She uses photography to investigate and record what eludes the eye. Her photography has been exhibited and published across Canada and internationally; her works are in both public and private collections.

Richmond News Article

Natural Alchemy: CityScape Gallery

March 22 - May 4,  2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 22, 7- 9 pm

CityScape Community ArtSpace335 Lonsdale, North VancouverNatural Alchemy contemplates the forces and cycles present that help shape our environment. The earth is ever-changing, and the work in this exhibition documents the intersection where natural materials meet, how they affect each other, and how they can challenge the viewer to contemplate time, form and the ephemeral. Presenting artists Katherine Duclos, Pierre Leichner, Edward Peck, and Phyllis Schwartz incorporate organic and plant-based materials, as well as natural processes to help shape the outcomes of their compositions. Through painting, printmaking, installation and photography this exhibition highlights the beauty, connectivity and impermanence of the biosphere and geosphere, helping us to understand how growth, decay, and geological processes play a vital role in shaping our environment.

Natural Alchemy

Natural Alchemy: CityScape Gallery, March/May 2019

Art Rental Exhibition 2019: Cityscape Gallery

Exhibition runs 14 February – 15 March, 2019

Excellent opportunity to buy or rent our art Eight Sassamatt Collective photographs are in the North Van Art Rentals collection, three by Phyllis Schwartz and five by Edward Peck. The two most recent acquisitions will be on show in the Art Rentals Show, a salon-style exhibition. The exhibition runs 14 February – 15 March (Cityscapes, 355 Lonsdale, North Vancouver). Work on show is available for rent or sale. This is an excellent opportunity to buy more art and get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Longevity, new work by Phyllis Schwartz, is a selection from a series of Lumen Prints made at Finn Slough. Seeding the Wind, new work by Edward Peck is a selection from Arrangements, a series of images that captures flowers as they transition from bud to bloom to death. To view, the Arts Councils Announcement click here

Seeding the Wind II

Photography without Cameras: Cityscape Gallery

Lumen Printing demo with Phyllis Schwartz

Saturday, March 2, 2019  (1- 4pm)
CityScape Community ArtSpace
335 Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Drop by CityScape Community ArtSpace during the North Shore Art Crawl for a fascinating opportunity to watch Phyllis Schwartz demonstrate the lumen printing process. Lumen prints are photograms made without a camera. In this demonstration, Phyllis will make photograms of plant materials, and show how they leave marks and traces on photosensitive paper. LumenPrint Demonstration Details

Seeding the Wind II: Truth and Beauty Gallery

Month of October 2018

This month, October 2018 "Seeding the Wind II" is featured at the Truth and Beauty Gallery, this 24" by 30" archival sublimation print is available for sale through the gallery. Enquires can be directed to Peppa Martin at 604.707.0327 or This is the first print in this series to be mounted on a floating frame, it is part of a series called "Arrangements." I was drawn into this work by discarded bouquets, set aside as they wilted but to my eye still full of colour, shape and still in transition, perhaps always in transition as decay eventually rekindles life. I took these discards and after some contemplation, arranged them into compositions, in which I explored their new colours, shapes and fragile state. So the series in a way is a framing of a series of Maranasati meditations or a momento moris. [This method of printing was chosen so no glass would be placed between the print and the viewer so the full colours of the composition could be enjoyed, it is an easily cleaned scratch-resistant surface that has an archive life (I have been told) longer than a chromogenic print.]

Mid Main Art

One Day Event, June 10, 2018, 11am - 6pm

The 8th Annual Mid Main Art Exhibition will be held at Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street, Vancouver BC. This free event will be held one day only from 11 am to 6 pm on June 10th, 2018. There will be a variety of artist in this 3300 sq. foot hall who work in watercolour, oil, acrylic, photography, printmaking and sculpture. The following artists will be in attendance: Fran Alexander, Mariko Ando, Enda Bardell, Jennifer Harwood, Lorn Curry, Dave Denson, Louise Nicolson, Christine Hood, Jeanette Jarville, James Koll, Sonia Mocnik, Edward Peck, Camille Sleeman, Elisabeth Sommerville, Kathy Traeger, Jeff Wilson, Grazyna Wolski. 

Mid Main Dalmation poster 2018

In the Blink of an Eye: Port Moody Arts Gallery

Opening Reception Thursday, May 3, 6-8 pm May 3 – 31, 2018

Port Moody Arts Centre Society celebrates their 20th anniversary with In the Blink of an Eye, an exhibition featuring artwork and stories by artists who have been a part of their history. Sassamatt Collective artists, Edward Peck and Phyllis Schwartz, have had solo exhibitions at the Port Moody Arts Centre are each showing two new photographs in this anniversary exhibition opening 03 May (6 – 8 PM) and continuing through 31 May 2018.

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Photobase: Re-imagined Memories: Cityscape Gallery

Opening Reception, March 15, 2018 Mar 16 – Apr 21, 2018

Two photo-based composite images are showing in Photobase: Re-imagined Memories, an exhibition of 25 diverse and inclusive artists who tell intimate stories of love, loss, family history, immigration, addiction and identity. Photobase is featured in this year’s Capture Photography Festival. Both of these prints are compositions that construct the identity of family members through documents and photographs.

Photobase is showing at CityScape Community Art Space, The exhibition runs from thru 21 April (335 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, Canada; gallery Hours: M–W, F: 9 am–5 pm: Th: 9 am–8 pm; Sa: 12–5 pm).

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Lumen Print Exhibition Light: Gilbert Gallery Arizona

Opening Reception, Saturday March 10, 2018. March 6 – April 21,

Two Lumen Prints from the Finn Slough Series will be on show in an exhibition of handcrafted prints by photographers working in the tradition of light sensitive creative processes. The selected works, according to juror scott b. davis, "...range from abstract images that defy our expectations of photography to others that affirm our belief in the medium's inherent specificity." The exhibition at Art Intersection runs from 06 March thru 21 April (light sensitive creative processes. The selected works, according to juror scott b. davis, "...range from abstract images that defy our expectations of photography to others that affirm our belief in the medium's inherent specificity." The exhibition at Art Intersection runs from 06 March thru 21 April (Art Intersection, 207 North Gilbert Road, Gilbert Arizona). LightSensitive Opening Reception is Saturday, 10 March, 5 – 7 pm).Opening Reception is Saturday, 10 March, 5 – 7 pm).

Lumens: Experimental Photography - A Smith Gallery Texas

Johnson City, Texas, 11 March - 16 May, 2018

A feast of lumen prints are showcased in the newly opened Salon at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas. Lumen, an exhibition showcasing this feast of alternative photography, includes Cathy’s Orchid, a digital print made from a handmade negative created by using a Lumen Print process. The exhibition dates are 11 March to 16 May. Two receptions will be held: 25 March and 30 April (4 – 7 pm). An exhibition catalogue available from Blurb is forthcoming.

Lumen prints are photograms made by a contact print process using organic materials that leave traces and shadows on photosensitive surfaces. These unique prints are made without a camera or darkroom enlarger. These materials transmit enzymes that interact with the surface of the paper, leaving X-rays like marks of both their shapes and interiors. Lumen prints on sheet film can be scanned and processed as digital prints. Artists experimenting with this process include Jerry Burchfield, Adam Fuss and the artists showing work in Lumen

Cathy's Orchid

Pigment ink on cotton (made from a handmade negative, Lumen Print process)

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