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Phyllis Schwartz's "On Edge" experimental cyanotype is in the recently unveiled exhibition, "Palimpsest," curated by alt-process photographer and poet Angel O'Brien. There are 55 captivating images that reveal the complexity and beauty of the human experience. Visit www.analogforevermagazine.com.

Angel O'Brien Writes:

We are each of us a palimpsest, an amalgam of all that has come before, some bits retaining prominence and others, more faded and indecipherable. Yet still, we are so much who we are because of what is and was around us, even when their traces have vanished. For Palimpsest, I was seeking out photography that had an aura of simultaneity, multiplicity of being. I wanted to see work that was ethereal, layered, fractured, eroded, complex, and that carried many stories within it. I was ever so delighted in the entirety of the submissions and greatly enjoyed looking over them many times. It was a process to see which works embodied the theme and which of those were speaking to each other in a way that they would contribute to a cohesive whole. I was quite pleased to see so many photographs that challenged my own definitions and ideas, some of which are included here. Like the street corner that bears different names and dates stamped into the concrete and yet another name on the street sign, it is a wondrous thing to see the bits of life that time has left for us as souvenirs from before. It is such a joy for me to see work that has found a way to evoke such multiplicity in photography. I have endless gratitude to everyone who submitted, thank you!

Untitled photo

Iterations, ArtPod, Metchosin, BC

Iteration: Art in Series

February 3 - March 26, 2023

Gallery hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 4 pm

Located in the Old Metchosin Schoolhouse across from My Chosen Café. 4495 Happy Valley Rd.

The exhibition features a number of artists working in various mediums in series. There is a wide variety of very talented artists in this exhibition.

Three of Edward Peck's pieces from the White Mud Valley Moments series are in this exhibition. The work is a photo-based hybrid process. The archive images are printed on cotton paper using pigment inks.

Untitled photo

Deep in the Blizzard II

Deep in the Blizzard II

Ekphrasis: Art Across Forms

We will both have work in this show, Phyllis, with works from her Aperion Series and Edward from his Arrangement Series. The Aperion Series was inspired by Stegner's writings, his house we stay in during an art residency and The Tragically Hip's versions of the "100th Meridian." The Arrangement Series is composed to music, arranging and rearranging with the music leading the process, a process that may take multiple reveals before, the arrangement and music come together.

This show brings together artworks inspired by work in other media. How is inspiration translated? How is the essence of what moves us in a piece of art, a poem, a piece of music, transformed through our own interpretations into new media? What of that original energy or essence remains? Or does it transform entirely into something new?

From September 30th to November 20, 2022

Ekphrasis is open in the Art Pod main gallery Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 4 pm, 4495 Happy Valley Rd, Metchosin, BC

Opening Event on Saturday, October 15, 7-8:30 pm on Zoom

Free tickets on Eventbrite

Visit our website https://metchosinartpod.ca/event/ekphrasis-art-across-forms/https://metchosinartpod.ca/event/ekphrasis-art-across-forms/metchosinartpod.ca for details

Working the Land

Sooke Fine Art Show 2022

Pond V

Pond V



July 22 to August 1st, 2022

Phyllis Schwartz and Edward Peck both have works in the Sooke Fine Arts 36th-Anniversary Show, along with 377 other works. The show includes sculpture, ceramics, painting, drawing, photography, fibre and printmaking. Phyllis's Still Winter was inspired in deep winter while looking out her window at the stark snow field on the neighbouring roof, seeing it as an invitation for abstract compositions. On winter walks, spare remains of plant life pierced the snowscape, inviting another abstract. A winter landscape series emerged by combining, juxtaposing, and digitally collaging these images. Still, Winter is showing in the Sooke Fine Arts Show this summer. Edward's works flow from a walking practice in familiar locations, attempting to create works that evoke the essence of his emotional experience of place. The first photograph emerges from a foggy, winter morning scene in the southern Vancouver Islands. The second photograph captures a quintessential, ephemeral expression of a moment of Canadian winter.

Light Sensitive Show, Art Intersection Gilbert Arizona

In April, I spent a month as an artist in residence at the Wallace Stegner House in Eastend, Saskatchewan where I argued with the surprise winter redux, foolishly thinking that the forces of nature can at best be dance partners or choreographers. Luckily, I brought with me a small box of cyanotype chemistry and art paper, which I used to discover how I might make fluid photo-based prints with what remained of winter’s crisp, brittle leaves and branches. In the spare landscape, I discovered new ways to work with botanicals, even if they were desiccated. Three of these prints are shown at Art Intersection (Gilbert, Arizona) at the Light Sensitive 2022, an exhibition of images created using a traditional darkroom, historical, and alternative photographic processes and methods.

Camillia's Dream

On Edge

Untitled photo


Summer Group Exhibition by Lipont Gallery

Our work will be featured in this show

Catherine Adamson, Agent X, Kay Austen, Lei Chen, Paul Chizik, Long Gao, Zilong Guo, Roy Hoh, Anja Nov, Edward Peck, Phyllis Schwartz, Huachao Sun, Liza Visagie, and Jeff Wilson.

Lipont Gallery 4211 Number 3 Road Richmond, BC

Opening: Wednesday, June 29 7-9pm

Exhibition: June 30 – July 15, 2022 M - F 10 -5 Tue 10 – 8 Closed on Canada Day July 1st

Free parking Canada Line: Aberdeen Station

Seeding the Wind II

Metchosin ArtPod Presents Fields, Fish and Forests

Work by Phyllis Schwartz is featured in Fields, Fish and Forests

Landscape artists of all kinds, creating works inspired by the natural and rural vistas that surround us, will be showing their works in this show. Plein air, seascapes, rural scenes, wilderness, wildlife in the landscape or abstracted images of the land and sea in anv 2D or 3D medium may be represented.

Our juror for this show is national and international award-winning Canadian artist Eunmi Conacher,

To Register for the free ZOOM opening Friday 3 June from 7-8:30 pm on Eventbrite click here.

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Eastend Arts Council - Artist Series

Painting with Light

Phyllis Schwartz and Edward Peck are two land-based photographers working on new ideas at the Wallace Stegner House. They will begin with a brief slide show of their previous and current work. Phyllis will talk about her photography without cameras, share some discoveries of photography by early botanists and explain how this applies to her work. Edward will talk about the painterly aspects of contemporary photography, explain how he creates images that reflect his visual experience, and illustrate how his work has moved away from the chemistry of the darkroom into pigment painting. Their presentation invites discussion and questions.

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Artist Residency at Stegner House

We are fortunate to have been invited to spend a month at the Wallace Stegner House as artists in residence. This has allowed us to immerse ourselves in a new landscape and develop a body of new work. The house is situated on the banks of the Frenchman River at the foot of the Cypress Hills in SW Saskatchewan. Stegner’s book “Wolf Willow” was based on his childhood experiences in Eastend. We are currently working on the work that came from this residency to produce both publications and a collection of pieces to mount a show.

Untitled photo

CityScape Art Exhibition

CityScape Community Gallery is exhibiting a large range of artworks including a number of pieces of Edward's and Phyllis's. These are available for viewing from January 21 to February 19, 2022. The artwork can be rented or purchased.

The exhibition will have an impressive range of media oil, acrylic, and watercolour paintings; linocut, lithograph, and woodcut prints; photography and mixed media.

You can rent, rent to own or buy work right off the gallery walls. There are 175 new artworks added to the 2022 Art Rental collection, the Art Rental collection represents 108 artists.

January 21 - February 19, 2022


Mon-Fri: 9 am – 5 pm

Saturday: noon – 5 pm

Sunday: closed

Finnerty Tangle

Propeller Art Gallery Exhibition

Propeller Art Gallery Presents Love is in the Air

One of Phyllis Schwartz's analogue lumen prints is included in Propeller Art Gallery's Salon Sixteen Love is in the Air. The show can be viewed online from January 26th through February 13, 2022.

The “Salon Style” of art exhibits originated in Paris, The City of LOVE and February is the month of LOVE. Artists were asked to create works of what LOVE means to them.

Register for Free Ticket to Opening Reception via Eventbrite

Propeller Art Gallery’s physical space is closed until February 15th. Therefore, their annual Salon show will be held virtually, with the online store open till April 25th. The exhibition will be visible online until February 13 and a digital catalogue of all the artworks will be displayed on our website for download. Artworks will also be available for sale in the online store until April 25th. The Zoom Opening Reception & Artist Talks will take place on Saturday, February 5, from 2 to 4 pm.

Phyllis's work emerges from a spontaneous and improvisational process, as a way to move away from object-based art. This printmaking process transforms everyday objects through a series of reimaginings. Each step of the transformation process allows her to alter and restructure the composition, striving for a composition that will allow the viewer to read into the composition their own experience.

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