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    Isolated Salmon Stream a Mourning Sky
    Isolated Salmon Stream a Mourning SkyA few feet from the boulevard the stream emerges with a slow murmur and within yards begins to babble and splash down the hill, its vigour swells and spreads as it goes. Then reaching its lateral channel it hits an artificial berm and spreads out into a series of ponds. Looking for the sea, just short of the beach, twisting and turning it meets a steel sewer gate and is swallowed whole. Standing on the grate I wonder at this indiscretion of ours, and the magnitude of the loss.
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    Winter Pond
    It is a confusion of seasons the rain falling on ice. It is midday and the sun is just above the horizon. Through the drizzle, the ice is imperceptible except where it is broken by the movement of the foraging of waterfowl.  The colours are intense in these brief days.
    Winter Pond
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    Intricate Chaos and BalanceIntricate Chaos and Balance
    Intricate Chaos and Balance
    After the rains have lifted, a cold effulgent light penetrates a multiplicity of bifurcating limbs, an etching against the stillness of the pond. A thick woody trunk emerges from the turf its milkiness almost obscured by old wounds and moss, is its twisted frame a cantankerous reaction to the surrounding chaos?
  • 2018-11-25T10:58:17.841-08:00

    One Tree Dances
    One Tree Dances
    There is always one that dances. It has been raining heavily as the spent clouds begin to open with cracks of light then sky, reflections begin to shimmer and looking up I see a grove of trees but one is dancing. There is always one who dances, even on a sidewalk with the staccato movement of the rushing crowd. There is always an individual legato movement, always one who moves with elegance and fluidity. Like the sidewalk dancer here in this November grove one tree performs a rapturous pirouette against the sky.

  • 2018-11-21T20:10:22.887-08:00

    Resting in the Rain
    Resting in the Rain
    It is not a down pour or sheets of rain but a quite humidity that has reached a point that water is everywhere, falling and opening umbrellas. Walking toward the beach the colours are emerald, jade and sea green with trunks emerging upward then branching eventually into thin irregular lines against the blue shrouds of clouds. A quite riot of crows perch delicately etched against the sky waiting.


    Resting in the Rain

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    Dance Skyward
    Dance Skyward

    In the November rain, this tree seemed to dance against the sky, as you look upward past the gnarled bole towards its crown the twigs etched fine black lines against the sky, while the lower bough curved, descends and rises again just above the ground. The grass so green from the rain seems almost raw in its intensity against the reds of the trees that have turned in the background. Some might see it as naked or dead against this background, but strength and longevity are projected, alive and gathering strength toward Spring.
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    Mingus' Summertime III
    Mingus' Summertime III
    The music merged with the Autumn deluge outside the thin window pane and two flowers long since extracted from the garden lay before me. There is a contrast between the yellow petals of the flower with green leaves that hold the petals in and the paper thin petals of the other flower that are delicately held by a single stem. A contrast held in my palms as the syncopated rhythmic patterns of the music combined with the falling rain. In the studio, I could see them erupt into the rich blackness and intermingle in a dance.

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    2120 South Michigan IV
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    This month "Seeding the Wind II" is featured at the Truth and Beauty Gallery
    Seeding the Wind II
    This month "Seeding the Wind II" is featured at the Truth and Beauty Gallery, this 24" by 30" archival sublimation print is available for sale through the gallery. Enquires can be directed to Peppa Martin at 604.707.0327 or peppa@truthandbeauty.ca. 
    This is the first print in this series to be mounted on a floating frame, it is part of a series called "Arrangements."
    I was drawn into this work by discarded bouquets, set aside as they wilted but to my eye still full of colour, shape and still in transition, perhaps always in transition as decay eventually rekindles life. I took these discards and after some contemplation, arranged them into compositions, in which I explored their new colours, shapes and fragile state. So the series in a way is a framing of a series of Maranasati meditations or a momento moris.
    [This method of printing was chosen so no glass would be placed between the print and the viewer so the full colours of the composition could be enjoyed, it is an easily cleaned scratch-resistant surface that has an archive life (I have been told) longer than a chromogenic print.]
  • 2018-10-16T21:40:00.964-07:00

    Mingus' Summertime XI
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