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Lumen Print Exhibition

LightSensitive 2018 at ART INTERSECTION

Two Lumen Prints from the Finn Slough Series will be on show in an exhibition of handcrafted prints by photographers working in the tradition of light sensitive creative processes. The selected works, according to juror scott b. davis, "...range from abstract images that defy our expectations of photography to others that affirm our belief in the medium's inherent specificity." The exhibition at Art Intersection runs from 06 March thru 21 April (Art Intersection, 207 North Gilbert Road, Gilbert Arizona). LightSensitive Opening Reception is Saturday, 10 March, 5 – 7 pm).

Lumen Print Exhibition


Truth and Beauty Digital Gallery presents More Illuminations, a selection of my recent lumen prints. This exclusive, inaugural Online Exhibition aims to reach a broad international audience and enhance ongoing programming at the Vancouver gallery. More Illuminations, a series of Photograms, assembles impressions of materials placed on photosensitive paper using organic materials gathered from the beach, the forest, and the street. I record traces and shadows made by the various debris on sheet film. These handmade negatives are then digitized and transformed into an illumination of their original organic form. Visit the DIGITAL GALLERY to enjoy this inaugural exhibition of Lumen Prints. Lumen Print Exhibition 24/7 TRUTH AND BEAUTY.


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Curatorial Projects

As curators, Edward Peck and Phyllis Schwartz engage local and international artists in a conversation to develop an exhibition. They offer participating artists the opportunity to collaborate and develop a body of work for exhibition. This collective approach invites diverse artists to work together: creating opportunities for collaboration and conversations about artist practices, the creative process and community engagement. Out of this process, a thematic approach to each exhibition is developed. 

Curatorial Projects

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