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Purchasing Prints

Prints are available from the Bay Photo Lab in Santa Cruz, California, which has been providing fine art print services to professional photographers for 40 years. To access this service select the print you want to purchase from one of our galleries.



2015, Digital image made from handmade negative using Lumen Print process


Currently, our publications are for sale on the Blurb website

Contact: sassamattimages (at) gmail (dot) com

Curatorial Projects

As curators, Edward Peck and Phyllis Schwartz engage local and international artists in a conversation to develop an exhibition. They offer participating artists the opportunity to collaborate and develop a body of work for exhibition. This collective approach invites diverse artists to work together: creating opportunities for collaboration and conversations about artist practices, the creative process and community engagement. Out of this process, a thematic approach to each exhibition is developed. 

Curatorial Projects

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